NYC in Philly Edit

A few local NYC bladers made the trip out to Philadelphia, PA last weekend and caught a couple of clips from their day skating in Philly. The edit features Jeff Mateo, Malik Ashby, Evan Grimball, Mike Roman and Jeremiah Dougherty. Filmed and edited by Jeff Mateo.

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15 Responses to “NYC in Philly Edit”

  1. Jeff mateo Says:

    I gotta hate. This edit i trash my yutes

  2. jesus medina Says:

    Why does that guy have a heavier trick than my NYC fam? not a good look.

  3. NYC in Philly | Rollingupdates Says:

    […] 0 Quoting IRollNY […]

  4. hahaha Says:

    haha true jesus . its becuz the right ppl for nyc arent in this edit

  5. james p Says:

    good shyt jeff

  6. Jeff mateo Says:

    james you are the best everybody else nobody cares lol its a 2 minute edit dudes are just having fun quit analyzing everything. this aint no stock market niggas aint competing. chill bee be free lol shit
    hence why i dont film no more lol cant make an edit without someone putting there over analytical ass statement.
    fuck i hate rollerblading

  7. jesus medina Says:

    Jeff who are you referring too? you’re sounding a bit out of line I’m just tryna be sure.

  8. jesus medina Says:

    My homies that know me know that i was just busting their chops.

  9. austin croteau Says:


  10. Jeff mateo Says:

    never mind guys. Just on a happy note. I hate filming and wont ever do it again.

  11. Jeff mateo Says:

    And Jesus if you feel offended i apologize. I just get sick of all the comparing that goes on. we were just having a good time that die.

  12. Jeff mateo Says:

    ohh and i’m referring to the scum who didnt write his name and wrote hahaha that shit got me heated lol

  13. malik ashby Says:

    taylor gang over everything

  14. rat mice Says:

    3 miz 7 out

  15. jeremiah dougherty Says:

    it wasnt even a better trick..hahah it was straight up, yo Mal, wouldnt it be ill if? then it happened hahha. first try or die.

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