Lets Roll NY Session 5 Tomorrow!

Lets Roll NY session five has been announced and will take place tomorrow in Queens, NY. The session starts at 2:00PM and the first spot is the triple C ledges on Roosevelt avenue and 99th street. Take the 7 train to Junction Boulevard/Roosevelt Ave and walk towards 99th street until you see a school yard. Walking directions from the train station to the ledges here. The second spot is P.S. 92 on 100th street and 34th ave. Be there!

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4 Responses to “Lets Roll NY Session 5 Tomorrow!”

  1. harison Says:

    how high are the ledges??

  2. irollny Says:

    they’re about 12 feet high.

  3. malik ashby Says:

    nah like throat high and the floor is made of hot lava lol

  4. roll®BladeA Says:

    How large is that park? Can it hold the masses that are present at these Lets Roll jawns?

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