Slash and Dash Trailer

It’s about that time again when the Rochester, NY crew shows the online world their yearly trip to Arizona. This year the ROC boys bring NYC’s Austin Paz and Buffalo, NY’s Dan Barnes. Here’s a trailer of the future online video Slash & Dash. “The documentation of the annual Roc City ‘Arizona Trip’, featuring Tim Adams, Austin Paz, Justin Brasco, Grant Hazelton, Dan Barnes, Steve Bruning, Gary Murphy, Dan Birch, Mike Welland, Neil Diskin, Casey McFarland, Jason Reyna, James Johnson, and Mike Torres” – Revolution.

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4 Responses to “Slash and Dash Trailer”

  1. Jeff mateo Says:

    this was the best.
    seriously executed all parts that warrant a perfect masterpiece.

    What do you film with im looking to make the transition from sd to hd.

  2. malik ashby Says:

    soo fucking ill

  3. austin croteau Says:

    cock and beans. i quit skating. =D.

  4. Kelley Lennon Says:

    Dude the steadicam on skates looks amazinggggg! You have once again outdone yourself Torres

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