Allerton Skatepark Edit

Check the recent edit at Allerton aka “A-Town” skatepark located in the Bronx, NY. The edit features kids who refuse to use their real names such as Hanibal, Skeeno, and Lil Shima. Filmed and edited by Hector Rodriguez. “A town is at it again with this dope edit all filmed in one day thanks you guys for coming out to film hope you like this edit peace” – Hector Rodriguez.

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7 Responses to “Allerton Skatepark Edit”

  1. malik ashby Says:

    the bx is where its at period.

  2. dac24 Says:

    whos da kid with da killa bees n how much years or months he got

  3. loso Says:

    dats my shun! steven sin only been skatin for 1 yr

  4. loso Says:

    12 yrs old

  5. malik ashby Says:

    thats lil hooi aka lil shima the best edit ive ever seen in that park

    soo ill

    and thats my shun dun dun loso is also my “chidlen”

  6. loso Says:

    ^^^^^^ chill ur wildin im og nur my dun dun

  7. hairSPARY Says:

    i was there YEA

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