Danny Irizarry Edit

Check the edit of Danny Irizarry from the Bronx, NY. Danny does a huge gap to start off the edit and continues to shread at Allerton skatepark in the Bronx, NY. Filmed and edited by Hector Rodriguez.

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5 Responses to “Danny Irizarry Edit”

  1. ayo mah g Says:

    slow motion isn ot required threw out the whole edit. and snip some parts out next time all in all lil danny def on the come up keep skating

  2. Willliam Jorge Says:

    Danny you are nutz for doing that gap! Its def a lot bigger in real life than it looks. Big risks= Big reward I guess. Good shit though. Lol.

  3. alex "the stuntman" macias Says:

    listen man, i support alot of people for many different reasons. but your man danny is “WHACK”. FOR TWO REALLY GOOD REASONS.

    Number one: he mad gassed, thinking he’s chris haffey, screaming fuck razors, meanwhile his whole cheesy edit was done with a pair of razors.
    maybe if he bacame “danny” instead of “haffey” he would actually be someone worth skating with.

    Number two: too cocky, instead of cheering his peers on when they try landing a new trick, he intentionally makes them feel like shit by trying (the key word is “trying”) to replicate what they were going for. back in my days he would’ve been called a snake ass nigga. but in the skinny jeans era he’s known as a cutter.

  4. Alex is right Says:

    Not hating and some respect for the edit, but I seen this kid treating his boys like shit calling them wack not a good look my good friend..

  5. harison Says:

    hell no i skate with this nigga all the time and hes cool plus he taught me how to grind coping,and hes way better at skating in person than in this edit…. but hector sucks at editing and filming as u can c by this edit

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