Support Rollerblading on Twitter!

Click to join the rollerblading twitter group

For all you tweeple out there check out the rollerblading twibbon that I Roll NY created. A twibbon is a great way to support any cause that you’d like to be apart of so now you have a chance to proudly display your love for rollerblading. Add the rollerblading twibbon to your twitter profile here. Daniel Kinney, Brian Krans, Tri-State Skate and many more people have joined already. Support rollerblading through the I Roll NY twibbon. Whether you’re from New York or outside of the U.S. show the twitter world your love for rollerblading.

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8 Responses to “Support Rollerblading on Twitter!”

  1. maximosis Says:

    Nice Finally made a Twibbon.

  2. lordbrian Says:

    I Support I ROLL NY so of course I got my Twibbon 😉

  3. irollny Says:

    Yeah thanks for the heads up on it.

  4. irollny Says:

    Thanks LB. This is more for rollerblading in general than just for I Roll NY.

  5. Austin Croteau. Says:

    I GOT ONE.

  6. irollny Says:

    TY ❤

  7. jesus m (wash heights) Says:

    You already know been following irollny sence mid 09
    And all the other companys 😛 didn’t know so many rollers had twitter to lol
    Follow at me

  8. E. RODRIGUEZ Says:

    FOLLOW YOUR BOY @E_Rodriguez09 yaaa digggg!!!

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