I Roll NY Clip of the Week #18

This week’s C.O.W. is brought to you by Skeptic Media. I Roll NY has been getting exclusive content recently including a sneak peak at the Last Man Standing DVD, the Signature DVD, and today we get a sneak peak at Skeptic Media’s online video Nowhere Close. See the trailer here. Navin Hardyal sends us a 2 minute snippet from Skeptic’s Nowhere Close for this week’s Clip of the Week.


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9 Responses to “I Roll NY Clip of the Week #18”

  1. jeff mateo Says:

    just gizzed in my pants wtf

    I worship Navin

  2. Jb Says:

    Skeptic comin back?!?

  3. doood Says:

    ” aaahhh ur such a vagina. just fucking do it!” lol. ooh that 1st rail Chauncey 540 kindgrind that.

  4. malik ashby Says:

    tuff shit nav
    no more cuffin son!

  5. chrisC Says:

    so glad to see navin working on some new stuff…its been way to long man.

  6. David Toro Says:

    Awesome dude

  7. maximosis Says:

    hahah Nav do be Cuffing, I thought we lost him forever.

  8. irollny Says:

    Haha I forced him out of retirement.

  9. john -rugga Says:

    dat shyt wass tuff!!

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