New CCC Ledges in Queens, NY

Jose Disla – Fishbrain. Photo: Cesar Macay

While going through the I Roll NY facebook page I came across this great photo posted last night. According to NYC legend Jose Disla a new set of ledges have been built in the Corona/Flushing area of Queens, NY. The spot looks great and the floor looks extremely smooth. No exact info on where the ledge is at as of now but time will tell. For now check out the dope photo above of Jose lacing a fishbrain on the top ledge. Photo by Cesar Macay.

UPDATE: The ledge(s) are located on Roosevelt Ave & 99th St, Queens, NY 11368.

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One Response to “New CCC Ledges in Queens, NY”

  1. Orsteezy Says:

    That’s my Dawg!!! OG Triple OG…

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