Brooklyn Winter Edit

“When making this edit, I wanted to show that the Brooklyn scene is still alive and more skaters like Almog Maman and Vincent Mcconney are coming up. Also we got couple of OG’s like Polish Mike and Adam Maman still skating hard even though they’ve got busy lives. Yannes Sootes is back and skating in full force as you can see in this edit. Brooklyn is not dead!” – John Alcantra.

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30 Responses to “Brooklyn Winter Edit”

  1. chocolateman Says:

    hmm this kid vincent has some style..he the troof man lol…the edit overrall was sick, perfect im inlove with the camera, it shoots perfect for its small size

  2. steve Says:

    john alcantra can suck a dick siiick sk8in tho bk!

  3. John Says:

    you know what you can say whatever you want Steve if that’s really your name. i will be making edits and showing people that the Brooklyn scene is still strong and people are forgetting about the talent skaters that Brooklyn got to offer. also Steve if thats your really your name, your hating on me just because i made a comment on here which i didn’t took serious at all and that offends you alot than whatever. people get hate comments on every messageboard..another thing is if your telling people i talk shit, that’s false. why would i talk shit when were here for the same reason and that’s to have fun and get along with fellow bladers. you can ask anyone that knows me that i don’t take crap about others. but whatever it’s not like thats going to change anything.. ill just keep doing what i love to do and thats rolling with my friends and making edits..


  4. chocolateman Says:

    represent homie!!

  5. davengo Says:


    john says he don’t talk shit.

    i remember quite in detail when you told me to quit skating and said I was a loser under a different name.

    then I searched your email and IP address that lead me to your physical address.

    don’t be a loser smelly john.

  6. John Says:

    hahahahaha dave its a comment and i never said you were a loser… and it’s funny how you search my name and stuff just for a comment. you got alot of time on your hands do ya.. also im not a smelly loser here when you take comments serious.. im not hating on anyone thats all i can say..

  7. davengo Says:

    Take it seriously when I put my skate into your face dude.

  8. John Says:


  9. davengo Says:

    Also, just for shits and giggles, Craig and Austin were there with me when your fucking address came up you piece of shit.

  10. c2g Says:

    skating dies in small cities not the biggest one with the most people

  11. African Warrior Says:

    Need more Africans in the edit

  12. David Toro Says:

    Dave Ngo? Quit skating? He’s like style master over here. Why would you ever… hmmm smh..

    Pretty nice edit though.. keep NY alive.

  13. Shaniqua Says:

    Dave be teh only little asian boi i kno who got that daddy dick.

  14. malik ashby Says:

    damn dave ngo put you on blast hahaha

    this is supposed to be the best skating scene?


  15. malik ashby Says:

    damn dave ngo put you on blast hahaha

    this is supposed to be the best skating scene?


  16. David Toro Says:

    I still give it up for homie Yannes though. That’s my dude.

  17. james p. Says:

    sick edit
    and lol to dave
    and the e mail was a fail lolol
    and everyone just chill!!

  18. james p. Says:

    p.s you see yannes makes niiggas go crazy <3333

  19. fan boy Says:

    Malik, no one said Bk has the best skate scene buts its sure as shit better than Bx. O and Yannes merked!!

  20. irollny Says:

  21. n@n0 Says:

    malik wasnt talking about bk’s scene he meant the nyc city scene in general… instead of everybody talking shit about this or that they should be helping each other. if u think someone is wack give em constructive criticism dont put em down. Damn i miss the old days smh

  22. irollny Says:


  23. markassbusteroo Says:

    Like does it, HATE is the NEW LOVE.

  24. razors comp Says:

    yo who is polish mike, i wonder is he good bc i her roomers his sponcerd buy united by art is he good then what it seens , then the normal tricks he does ?

  25. Yuriy Priyomov Says:

    Lazyy Ass John “Fish” didn’t film me at that Ocean Pkway rail, YOU SUCK HOMIE. I did some steezy shit on that rail n you didn’t film, fuckin hater. Go blow some more.

  26. Brooklyn Winteredit | Rollingupdates Says:

    […] 0 Brooklyn in the house! IRollNY posted a Brooklyn winter edit. Featuring skating from Yannes, Almog, Polish Mike, and Adam. Via IRollNY. […]

  27. Austin Croteau. Says:

    johns just gonna get fucked up, end of story… WHATS POPPIN JOHN?.

  28. steve yes this is my name Says:


  29. bez Says:

    keep it up yan u my nigga i like that skating

  30. scott loper Says:

    good shit, no need to get all crusty tho.

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