Bitter Cold Show Down Journal Day 1

As we all know this weekend is the most exciting weekend of the month. Bitter Cold Show Down, one of the biggest competitions of the year, will be taking place in Detroit, Michigan. Though many New Yorker’s made the journey out to Detroit in today’s blizzard a lot of us unfortunately could not. For those of us that couldn’t make it to BCSD this year, photographers Ryan Loewy and Drew Humphrey have taken on the task of documenting their trip to Bitter Cold Show Down and sharing their story with all of us bringing BCSD directly to you! Check out Ryan’s, Drew’s, Mike’s and Quang’s first day on the road to BCSD after the jump. Photos by Ryan Loewy and Drew Humphrey. Story by Ryan Loewy.

Well, here we go, update #1. Let’s back track a bit. I departed from C.W. Post around 4:30PM and sat in Brooklyn traffic for a good hour and half before arriving at Drew Humphrey’s place.

We bullshitted around there for a bit waiting for Quang Trinh and Hyper Mike to show up, then waited for Drew to get ready and to make us sandwiches (he’s the mom of the trip) and finally got the car packed up and ready to go by 9:45PM.

We made our first stop in Pennsylvania, which seemed almost impossible to drive through as it took us 6+ hours to get through this boring state.

Finally, around 5 am, we made into Ohio. I had taken over the driving prior to that point and decided to just drive without switching for the remainder of the trip.

7am came around and we finally got into Detroit, and by 8AM we were doing it Soledad style cruising on I-75. We pulled into the Econo-Lodge, where I reasoned with the manager to let us check in early, but he forced me to pay up front, for what reason I do not know.

As we unpacked our shit, we got a knock on the door. At first we thought it was the manager checking to see how many people were actually staying in the room ( I told him it was only me), but it turned out it was the cleaning lady who pointed out our car and said there was gas leaking. Immediately my relaxed face turned to an unhappy angered one, but 4 unanswered phone calls for help from my family, and some consultation from Hyper Mike and Quang, we realized that the cleaning lady was off her rocker and that the car was just fine. Relieved, Humphrey, Hyper Mike and myself headed over to the local eats while Quang stayed in the room and rested up. We returned to find that our card being non functional, which I still need to sort out. As of this moment, we’re relaxing and recouping from the long drive, prepping ourselves for tonight’s skate session at Modern Skate Park. Keep Checking in for more updates. More photos of their journey to BCSD below.

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3 Responses to “Bitter Cold Show Down Journal Day 1”

  1. John Says:

    seems like you guys made it safe to D-Riot.. keep up the updates, and drew dont forget my insert..

  2. markassbusteroo Says:

    if drew humphrey is the mom of this trip… you niggas gon be DEAD BY THE END

  3. josh Says:

    drew better not get kick out this year hehehehe se you guys tomorrow

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