Drop-In Skatepark Photos by: Sam DeAngelis

John Stephens – 540

Sam DeAngelis snapped a few photos at Drop-In Skatepark in Hillburn, NY featuring John Stephens, Danny Dags, Tim Franken, and Matt DeFrance. Check out more photos of the Drop-In session after the jump.

Danny Dags – BS Farf

Matt DeFrance – Backslide

John Stephens – Soyale

Tim Franken – Backslide

Danny Dags – Front Farf

John Stephens – Fakie 360 Liu Kang

Matt DeFrance – Acid

John Stephens – BS Backslide

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2 Responses to “Drop-In Skatepark Photos by: Sam DeAngelis”

  1. aor Says:

    These are really good sam awesome coverage of that night, great composition

  2. David Toro Says:

    Great stuff Sam!

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