The Truth 2 Profile with Austin Paz via eRolling

eRolling caught up with co-creator of the Truth series, Austin Paz, about the latest installment, The Truth 2. Check out the mini interview below.

What got you started filming? How long have you been doing it?
My earliest memories of me filming was footage of me right before i got my first pair of Psiruses so I would say about 1999-2000ish. I’ve pretty much had a video camera ever since.

How much time went into making the Truth2?
We started filming for The Truth 2 right after we finished the first video, so its roughly 2 years of filming.

Any interesting stories while out filming?
One I think of off the top of my head was towards the last week or two of filming when it was crunch time and I had to meet up with Fish to finish his section/intro. So, I take a bus and ferry to meet him in the city and I take my camera out to shoot and I realized I left both my memory cards on my desk at home. I had to take the ferry and bus back to my house (which was an hour and a half each way) to get my memory cards then go back and meet him in the city. I completely missed all daylight to skate since I spent almost 8 hours on buses and ferries all day.

What is the best part of making a video?
I think the best part is seeing the final product after all the hard work, then getting the DVD’s back from the duplicator and holding it in your hands. That’s when you know all the months/years officially paid off.

Favorite spot for filming?
This is a hard one to answer but I might just say the Brooklyn banks because every time we go there, we get different kinds of clips each time and we always find a different thing to skate there.

Has making new videos gotten harder or easier as time has gone by?
It’s personally harder for me because I’m always the camera guy and it holds back from my own skating. It’s kind of frustrating sometimes when you’re at such a good spot and everyone’s all “film this, let me get this clip” and it’s hard to say no because these are potentially opportunities to make our video better. But I sometimes would rather just leave my camera at home and skate all day without having to worry about filming.

Any plans for the Truth 3?


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