“B-Roll” Full Online Buffalo, NY Video

B-Roll was posted earlier on I Roll NY but now the video has been uploaded all in one higher quality part. If you want to check out each B-Roll section separately check the previous post. “After nearly two years of filming, Ricky Coster, myself, and everyone else invovled in B-ROLL are anxious to finally be able to drop it online. B-ROLL is an video showcasing the Buffalo, NY scene, as well as keeping you tuned in on the great bladers of Rochester, NY. Featuring Ricky Coster, Dan Barnes, Josh Marlinski, Cris Parwulski, Malik Glen, Neil Heary, Tim Adams, Grant Hazelton, Steve Bruning, Mike Torres, Kris Troyer, and Nate Hall, it was filmed by Ricky Coster, Cris Parwulski, Josh Marlinski and myself. Ricky handled the editing. The video started as a rather loose idea and was going rather slow at first. However, this past summer everyone jumped fully on board and busted out as much and as hard as we possibly could. I can speak for everyone, saying that it was one of the best summers ever, skating-wise, and we are all excited to have it captured. Most importantly, we are thrilled to put Buffalo on the map as a major blade scene with dedicated skaters who have nothing but love and heart for the sport. I hope you guys enjoy the skating, filming and editing, and if it makes you want to go strap on a pair of blades… mission accomplished! Keep blading and staying to true to yourself and one of the most unique sports out there. Enjoy” – Dan Barnes.

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2 Responses to ““B-Roll” Full Online Buffalo, NY Video”

  1. aor Says:

    2nd time watching this, i enjoyed it both times, you guys in buffalo on and off skates put in alot of quality work cant wait to see more

  2. logan painter Says:

    yo i live in buffalo where is the spot at 420 in the video with the two handicap rails there are a lot of clips in the video of the rail.

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