Jug Goldberry “Are You Golden?” Commercial

Brazilionare premieres his latest work, this time featuring the new Jug Goldberry sneaker. The online commercial was shot on location in the heart of NYC with local skaters Billy O’Neill and Sam Williams. This isn’t your typical advertisement, Brazil captures the great atmosphere we have in our city making the entire video enjoyable from start to finish.

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3 Responses to “Jug Goldberry “Are You Golden?” Commercial”

  1. Lil lennon Says:

    Sam’s got that swagger! miss ya homie

  2. j.Perez Says:

    I like This alot good stuff Brazilionare

  3. samwilliams Says:

    lil lennon thats u kells? thanks for the suport NYC ! meens alot workin on some stuff look out cuz im back full force!!!

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