DJ Morsy Fundraiser This Saturday!

Omar Morsy has transitioned from well known skater to well known DJ. If you haven’t noticed by now, Morsy is usually the designated music provider for almost every skate event in our city whether it be a competition, premiere, or opening. Unfortunately after last Saturday’s skate photo gallery opening someone stole Omar’s DJ equipment and now this Saturday night (tomorrow night) there will be a fundraiser at the Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to get Morsy back on his feet. Get all the information here. Let’s help out a local skater and friend who always provides us with a great atmosphere at our events. This is a 21+ event.


2 Responses to “DJ Morsy Fundraiser This Saturday!”

  1. Mike Terra Says:

    Public Assembly is a DOPE venue.. Big ups to Omar for also being a skater/DJ like myself =]
    I’ll be in Wburg for another party I’ll def try and bring a few people along with me to this b4 our party to pregame


  2. irollny Says:

    I was asking for you on twitter broseph. I’ll prob be there around 12ish.

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