B-Roll and Falls

Pretty self explanatory here. Greg Kieffer of Tri-State Skate put together a two part montage of footage he has gathered over the years featuring some shop riders and many laughs along with many falls. “3+ years of falls and B-Roll footage in 2 amazing parts…see Tri-State Skate rider Sean Agoliati get hit by a car, and shop rider Pat Bernat hit his head pretty bad. Among many other amazing clips. Actually I think Sean is the one who hit the car, it didn’t hit him. Either way stay tuned!” – Greg Kieffer.

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2 Responses to “B-Roll and Falls”

  1. Jsef Says:

    part 1 – 2:58
    part 2 – 2:30

    enjoyed this . =D

  2. Alex Says:

    Nice song : )

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