Rollerdam Volume 2

Rollerdam is an online video focusing on the Holland and NYC scene. It’s a great transition between the local Holland spots and our local city spots. “Rollerdam and Yourworld present the second installment in the Rollerdam rollerblading video series. Finest rollerblading from Holland and NYC. A fresh look upon Rollerblading with full profiles on Max van Hooren, Martin van Drunen and Giorgio Oehlers. Besides the three profiles there are other skaters featured from Holland, like Edwin Wieringh, Timmy van Rixtel and upcoming Pascal Tan. There are also quite some local NYC heads up in this; like John Stephens, Adonis Tayler, Mister ArtOfRolling himself and even Alex Nunez shows up to let us skate ‘his’ famous John Bowne handrails!” – Giorgio Oehlers. See Rollerdam Volume 1 here.

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3 Responses to “Rollerdam Volume 2”

  1. jordanb. Says:

    i fuck with this shit maddf good!
    pause i like the dred lock guy mad nasty!

  2. Markassbusteroo Says:

    Omar from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn gets a shout out. That is truly what’s up.

  3. michaelbraud Says:

    That shit was rediculous!
    The sections were dope as fuck and the NYC tricks blended nicely.
    Well done.

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