Sneak Peak of the River Avenue Skate Plaza in the Bronx

Maximo Garcia aka Maximosis sent a message via Twitter featuring a sneak peak photo of the future plans for a new skatepark/skate plaza in the Bronx, NY located on River Avenue and East 157th street. The plaza is scheduled to open Spring 2010 and looks to be a mellow concrete park. More photos of the park will be posted when construction begins.

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9 Responses to “Sneak Peak of the River Avenue Skate Plaza in the Bronx”

  1. BrittShxtt Says:

    SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTT. still doesnt make up for banks closin soon =/

  2. Buffalo Says:

    nice pic max…..u cant see shit…LOL!
    my man!!!

  3. William Wrenn Says:

    Man, the banks have been done for a minute. The history is irreplaceable, but the banks are history. 62, and this… looks like the city is finally giving a shit about the people who DON’T give a fuck about playing basketball.

  4. Maximosis Says:

    hahaha. there really aint shit but Sand Bags.. but That picture showes what it is going to Look like, Its right across the street from my Moms building where i Grew up down the block from Mullalys, It looks like its going to be more of a Street SKating Plaza than an actual Skate park Hella fun for u.s

  5. Tom from Who Skates Says:

    Any idea who designed it or who’s building it?

  6. AOR Says:

    i seen blue prints for this park 5 years ago its was a one man battle this skateboarder kept bringing the idea up to the city byhimself he made 3d models and blueprints and everything all drawn up, the city told him they make it in 2006 and the process for this park has been 3 years in the makes as far as construction goes,, there is a new skate park in the high bridge area of bronx and a new skate park on the south conduit in rockaway brooklyn being built as we speak, nyc is getting with the program i hate to complain thow but if we continue to let the skateboarders design the parks in nyc im going have to quit bladding and start skateboarding hahah yea riteee

  7. Maximosis Says:

    WEll Skateboarders for the Most part are a Lot older and been in the game for longer have some more influence, WEll get there. Lets just try to push the whole Community Thing in NYC and not beef with the other sports too much, work together make some big shit happen. As far as who’ is buildilng it its the PARKS DEPARTMENT it will be a public park saw that Green Leaf Logo.

  8. Maximosis Says:

    Oh Yea ANd it is not a skate park! it is a skate plaza, more like a chill street skating spot where you dont get kicked out. Kind of like what Rober DYRDREK or however you spell his name Designs all over the country

  9. leo Says:

    lol im a skateboarder but i be lurkin this shit cuz i got some homies that blade, but yeah this looks pretty ill, and rob dyrdek has been building plazas but in la. and to AOR, the stuff skateboarders skate is for the most part bladeable too, we skate the same spots, so it wouldnt make much of a difference if a skateboarder or a blader would design parks, as long as the design doesnt have flaws (unlike mccaren park -_-) haha aaight peace

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