Jay-Z’s Young Forever Music Video Reedit

Unfortunately this is not the official release for Jay-Z’s newest music video. This is a reedit created by Razors videographer Brazillionaire. The reedit consists of inserts featuring Billy O’Neill, Mike Johnson, Julian Bah, Dre Powell, Stefan Horn, Don Bambrick and other Razors team member. The skating footage is such a great addition to the song and video so I wanted to post it up for all to see…besides it features Fish skating in NYC so I have an excuse!

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5 Responses to “Jay-Z’s Young Forever Music Video Reedit”

  1. htat Says:

    this awesome! finally no skateboarding involved in music videos.

  2. Cesar macay Says:


  3. jb Says:

    to bad its not on bet!
    forever rollerblading 😉

  4. c2g Says:

    that was good

  5. Lil Montre Says:

    Thats wats up and like they said to bad its not on BET and im happy there nothing about skateboarder’s this time

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