Street Mechanics’ 10 Tri-State Skaters to look out for in 2010

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Mike SP of Street Mechanics Apparel posted his ten choices of skaters who have made an impact this year and who the world should look out for in the coming year. All skaters are from the tri-state area including four skaters from the New York area. Check the article here to see Mike’s 10 choices and why they were chosen. “With 2009 rapidly coming to a close, I decided to do something that hasn’t been done in a while…..Predictions for the coming year in rollerblading. I have been to alot of great comps this year, not to mention hosting a pretty sweet one myself. Sessions were going off everywhere especially in NY and NJ. Alot of pictures were taken, a ton of edits were made and a ton of talent was shown…..But who honestly stood out to make that much of an impression that they would make it on this list?” – Mike SP.

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One Response to “Street Mechanics’ 10 Tri-State Skaters to look out for in 2010”

  1. hahahahaha Says:

    instead of top ten ill go with top eight for 2010

    1)Tim Adams
    2)Ralphy Herrera
    3)Erik Stokley
    4)Tim Franken
    5)Wake Schepman
    6)Yannes Sootes(kid needs to get notice)
    7)Ben Guarino
    8)Ryan Smith

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