Danny V. Summer Edit ’09

Sean Ashby dropped me an email with this exclusive edit of Danny Villanueva specifically made for I Roll NY. The duo really represent Queens well. Even though Danny recently made the move to Long Island, NY he still kills every spot in his home town. Danny laces a lot of tech tricks and 360/full cab tricks so peep game. Thanks to Sean and Danny for the support. “Droppin’ these two exclusive edits for IROLLNY, which we were more than glad to film for. Due to Danny recently moving to long island we knew it was going to be hectic to get this done. thanks to Danny for driving us everywhere day and night, surprisingly with no sleep we came through so enjoy…” – Sean Ashby. The second edit will be posted up soon so stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “Danny V. Summer Edit ’09”

  1. big neil Says:

    damn danny that was sick, i like the inspin back unity to true soul the best

  2. fudgemi Says:

    damnn!! someone sponser himm

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