Last Man Standing Official Trailer

“The Collaborative Compilation of the Last Man Standing Comp which took place at the Brooklyn Banks on Sept 5, 2009… brought to you by Victor Callender + Ray Mendez + Dave Toro + Christen Cofer + Adonis Taylor + Tato Gonzalez + I Roll NY.

Features coverage on the LMS Comps | Winner Profiles | WRS Am Qualifiers | Young New York | Behind the Scene | Industry Interviews | NY Skate Scene and much more bonus material… OFFICIAL RELEASE TO BE ANNOUNCED.

*This is NOT just a competition, this is New York Skate. Watch these wheels in motion!” – Evotek Media.

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5 Responses to “Last Man Standing Official Trailer”

  1. james T Says:

    sick! cant wait.

  2. Jayson Says:

    wow, that was great. nyc is making it happen!

  3. FrancisB Says:

    omg looks like so much fun. im mad i missed it that edit got me hype!!!!

  4. evan g Says:

    yoooo i died at the end

  5. spacebar Says:

    amazing. this is a good look for nyc.

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