James Perez Short Brooklyn Edit

Brooklyn, NY’s James Perez gets it in with this short edit. Even though he gets “folded” in the beginning of the edit he laces a ton of smooth tricks and tech switch ups at the Ocean Parkway rails in Brooklyn. See a small sample of James Perez’s steez above. Filmed and edited by Derek Carr.

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17 Responses to “James Perez Short Brooklyn Edit”

  1. st killah Says:

    yo this kid is mad good . i saw this like more then ones.

  2. james p. Says:

    yo i got folded lmao0o
    and thxz st killah :]

  3. mallllllllikkkkkkkizzleeeee Says:

    ayo i gotcha!

  4. james p. Says:

    thxz nemo :] lolzzzz
    ill keep that in mind for a next edit :]

  5. dopeness Says:

    yo nice tricks kid. smooth nd style.

  6. vic Says:

    great shit. u got talent

  7. Mikebob Says:

    James is the future kid is the truth

  8. Mr Val da great Says:

    monstaa u got it ma nigga james nastyy

    ohhh nd u got folded in da begginin LOL i was like huyyy wen i saw dat

  9. hiya Says:


  10. KJbk Says:

    Tech switch ups you got it!
    Style you got it!
    Respect Bratha!

  11. Xavier Says:

    good shit ma nigga

  12. chris Goss Says:

    Cool vid man! nuf respect. wats the name of the song btw

  13. irollny Says:

    lupe fiasco – i gotcha

  14. Papa Sasha Says:

    this si dope bro

  15. john estrella Says:

    fucking beast i love you james perez 😀

  16. youngmoney e Says:

    when he guna become pro he mad nice he da one who got me to skate

  17. THE BOSS Says:


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