John Estrella Edit (Remix Edit added)

Jordan Baez has been on his film grind lately stacking up clicks of skaters from the LES area and putting out edits representing his part of NYC. Check out the edit of one of LES’ up and coming skaters John Estrella. John is a smooth skater that focuses on style. The edit features the LES area, Houston area and Washington Square Park. Filmed and edited by Jordan Baez. Remix edit added, check it after the jump.

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23 Responses to “John Estrella Edit (Remix Edit added)”

  1. usd carbons Says:

    plz take away that snow effect its getting in the way of the video.

  2. Another OG NYC Says:

    Good to see something happening , good skating , nice song .

  3. KayJaybk Says:

    This kid got mad skills
    mon, clean style
    bratha much props.

  4. Roll®BladeA Says:

    Balling! homie gets it in, skates fast, swaggs hard

  5. james p. Says:

    nice !

  6. malizzzzzzzzle Says:

    fuck you bye!

    my G john!

  7. Tom hyser Says:

    First and for most I support irollny to the fullest!

    This kid should ride rb’s keep up I might have to sponsor you.

  8. jay bee Says:

    my nnnigggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaa john gotssss steezzzzzzzz anybody think that shyt was wak holla at me jaybeeeee mutherfucker john keep doing ur thang my nigga

  9. wooo Says:

    wooo i know that kid is better this edit showed nothing , pple lets be real

  10. john estrella Says:

    thnks guys respect forr errbodyy

    ❤ rollin keep up err body yo


  11. David Toro Says:

    JOHN!!! Sick shit my dudes! Keep it up!

  12. john estrella Says:

    guud looks david toro

  13. Mikebob Says:

    I wanna have your baby John!!!!!!

  14. jay bee Says:

    i told u man i may be able to pull some shyt out my ass but i tell u all the time ur style is mad smooth and gay lol

  15. Jb. Says:

    More to come bitches!

  16. John Estrella Says:

    Lol hahaha u too funny mike

  17. John Estrella Says:

    Lml awwwwww guud looks jb :d

  18. malik ashby Says:

    my boy john got the hit up from tom hyser!!!!!!!
    get some rb’s john!

  19. john estrella Says:

    word i shud i kinda like rb’s 2 😀

  20. davengo Says:



  21. BBOY IDEAL Says:


  22. john estrella Says:

    haha hell yea you alreadyy know bro 😀 ima work on dat 😀

  23. john estrella Says:

    hahaha thnkss DAVE u too funnyy

    but yourr steeezyness iss way betta dan mines you know dat 😉

    love you nigga!!!! lmao

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