Art of Rolling Issue 6 (Cozmik dedication, Pier 62 pics, Last Man Standing pics and much more!)

Click to view AOR #6

Art of Rolling issue 6 has dropped! Filled with amazing content as usual, this issue is dedicated to our lost friend Brian “Cozmik” Scott. Issue 6 covers everything from AOR’s random adventures (including being featured on NBA player Stephon Marbury’s show,) an interview with NYC pioneer Gil Vasquez, exclusive Pier 62 photos and info, Last Man Standing coverage, a history of roller skating, an Anthony Soto photo set, Kaltik frames interview, NYC night session photos, McCarren skatepark photos, Lets Roll New York Time Square photos, First time ever Autumn Bowl photos, and an interview with NYC legend Dave Ortega and much more. See Art of Rolling issue 6 here. Art of Rolling is also having a huge sale on their finger skates for the holiday season which you can see at the AOR Finger Skate site.

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11 Responses to “Art of Rolling Issue 6 (Cozmik dedication, Pier 62 pics, Last Man Standing pics and much more!)”

  1. ART OF ROLLING ISSUE #6 | Says:

    […] OF ROLLING Issue #6 is out! Thanks to IROLLNY for the […]

  2. Nemo Says:

    Wow this is the best issue i ever seen i love you angelo your the best in the whole world

  3. OutsiderLookingin Says:

    i agree with nemo i am in love with art of rolling and wish i could skate but all i do is talk bs on comments

  4. tommy boy Says:

    Angelo your the fucking man this is some G shit. Magazine is fucking awesome. Dave Ortega and Gil Vasquez profiles were epic! Keep up the good work!


  5. c2g Says:

    yeah man much improved

  6. c2g Says:

    n i think im gonna cave in n get some finger skates for my nephews

  7. larsen (rapunzel) Says:

    nice mag son dat shyt is crazy keep it up angelo

  8. jash l.e.s Says:

    cozmik the the most humble and positive person i evr skate with i miss so such man it not the same anymore
    i love u bro

  9. Davengo Says:

    Oh hey cool look its me.

  10. james p. Says:

    oh hey look is dave.

  11. davengo Says:

    oh hey look it’s James.

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