Art of Rolling Finger Skates Review and New Customs

The Art of Rolling finger skates have been gaining a lot of buzz and I’ve heard first hand from Angelo Ferrer about his international popularity with his latest product. Though some may complain about the price of the finger skates (who are most likely the same kids who buy $60 skateboarder hats, $300 jeans, and $100 BBC t-shirts, just to look like everyone else) they’re definitely well worth it and this featured youtube subscriber shows you why. There’s a lot of hard work and heart that goes into each custom made finger skate so show your support for the only online magazine that’s supporting you, the NYC skater, and get your pair at the AOR site.

You can also see even more custom AOR Finger Skates on Angelo Ferrer’s Flickr account. Check out all the different colorways and names for the finger skates including an NY Mets, LA Lakers, the 5 borough series, and Ramelle Knight pro skate. See the new colors and customs here.

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9 Responses to “Art of Rolling Finger Skates Review and New Customs”

  1. ROlla NYC Says:


  2. jb Says:

    i mean wow lmfao this kid is really happy

  3. nemo Says:

    i love sucking dick!

  4. niqo Says:

    no groove?

  5. cyberpet Says:

    are they even durable? they look like they’re made of foamy material that i’m sorry, after a while will get all torn up and unglued. if they used better materials it would be worth it. for a collectable item they’re ok. for actual use, i’m not so sure.

  6. Markassbusteroo Says:

    not gonna lie… this shit is so gay.

  7. Artem Heikes Says:

    I am the guy doing the review at the top of the page. I assure you that these skates are the best of the best. The material is not craft foam. It is really high quality molding foam. Making it durable and unique. Trust me this stuff will not break on you. It might look fragile on screen, but once you get it, you’ll see how good it really is. I know Angelo Ferrer I have known him for months now, he is a great guy and he is defenently not cheap.

    Said but not written, Artem Heikes

  8. ShoxRox Says:

    where can i buy finger skates (fingerblades) ? ?
    i need some one !!!

  9. ludo78 Says:

    ou on peu en achetez dite le moi sur mon adresse msn:

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