Brighton Beach Night Session

Monday night, November 2nd, 2009 8:30PM, I get an instant message asking me if I’m skating. Thinking it’s the typical Wall street session and considering how my ankle has been acting up lately I’m in the process of writing “no” until I get another text telling me to skate at Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach? Why that’s unheard of! Around 9:30PM I meet up with the two who messaged me Dave Ngo and James Perez along with Steven Perez and Sasha Sergieiev. Knowing that my ankle was still sore, I designated myself as the session’s photographer and caught some photos of the local ledge and a rail to gap into the street spot where James laced. See all the photos after the jump.

James – Back Royale

Sasha – Topsoul

James – Front farf

James coming off of AO Topsoul

Sasha – Top porn

James – Zero Backside Backslide

Dave Ngo – Frogman

Sasha – Front Savannah

Sasha – Back Unity

James – Switch 270 back farf

James – Fishbrain

James – Top acid

Sasha – Fakie inspin topsoul

Sasha – Truspin top soyale

Steven – Front Savannah

Sasha – Back farf to fakie

James – Top acid

James – Back Torque

James – Top torque soul

James – Soyale 360 Revert out

Sasha – Front farf 270 out

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5 Responses to “Brighton Beach Night Session”

  1. davengo Says:


  2. Papa Sasha Says:


  3. chocolateman Says:

    nexttime invite me lmao missed out on waterbongss

  4. Malik Ashby Says:

    My ninja sasha!
    And the flower face team LOL
    Damn no invite?

  5. irollny Says:

    I ran out of hood passes so I couldn’t invite you haha.

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