I Roll NY X NY Yankees Banner Vote

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Yo Dawg, I heard you like to roll New York and the New York Yankees so I made a banner with the I Roll NY logo and the NY Yankees logo so you can represent New York while you represent New York. Seeing as how every status on Facebook/Myspace is about the World Series I created these 3 banners for your enjoyement/hate. Vote on which one you like by leaving a comment with the number of the banner you want to be used. Which ever number gets the most votes, that’s the one that will be picked. Vote, don’t vote, hate, love, rant, I don’t care. I’ll use whatever one I like ;). Voting has ended. Choice #2 wins!

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16 Responses to “I Roll NY X NY Yankees Banner Vote”

  1. Gus Says:

    2 definately!

  2. Azlan Styles Says:

    My vote to #2 also

  3. i wear a fannypack Says:

    one or two is fine the there one is a bit much

  4. some guy with Remz Says:


  5. i wear a fannypack Says:


  6. Loso Says:

    Number 2

  7. Roll®BladeA Says:

    i think number 2 works better with the number 3 scheme but only with the colors on #3 flipped. U should probably flip yourself too while you’re at it. ❤

  8. Markassbusteroo Says:

    Cliff Lee rolled over New York game 1, that’s for sure.

  9. Markassbusteroo Says:

    Shirts should be designed to say “NY (Yankees logo) Rolls Philly”

  10. create originals Says:

    You should make some CO graphics with those joints

  11. irollny Says:

    good idea!

  12. anthony Says:

    #2 most def

  13. steven ur father craiig Says:

    vote for 2

  14. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    2….Craig! Make #2 into a tshirt after we win the World Series again!

  15. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    that way I can have a shirt to rock @ the parade too

  16. irollny Says:

    Voting has ended. Choice #2 wins!

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