Colin Kelso Checkmate Profile Remix. Unseen Footage!

Colin Kelso posted via the Be-Mag messageboard this remix edit including unseen footage of his part in NYC’s B. Unique video Checkmate. Check out some of throwback footage along with the never before seen clips. “Check it out, No Hammers what so ever. None. Totally rinky dink shit right here…and also stay tuned to check out my new rinky dink fairy crap in truth2 coming out this Dec…..You can see me putting the USD carbons to use then and maybe I’ll attempt a 900 to shin grab backflip who knows….keep it aggro you dirty rotten posers!” – Colin Kelso.

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One Response to “Colin Kelso Checkmate Profile Remix. Unseen Footage!”

  1. timR Says:

    best trick/sequence/whatver 52-56 sec…..sooooooooooooooo hard and done with such ease and fluidity its freakin unbelievable

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