Cozmik Memorial Session Featured on The Brooklyn Ink

80+ skaters attending the Memorial Session. Photo: Cesar Macay

Leah Finnegan and Jack Mirkinson of the Colombia University paper, The Brooklyn Ink, have written an article on our lost friend Brian “Cozmik” Scott where they featured our memorial session and the group photo from photographer Cesar Macay. “…Sunday the friends who knew him as Cozmik, the peerless inline roller blader, gathered to raise money…they came from across the city to the Coleman Skate Park under the Manhattan Bridge to honor his memory in the element in which they knew him best. In the skating world, friends know each other through the way they move across concrete. You are what you can do. And so between laps of the park, Scott’s friends remembered with awe how he navigated from ground to ledge to rail to air and back on his skates” – The Brooklyn Ink. Read the entire article Skaters Remember Fallen Friend. Thanks to Leah and Jack for writing the article and attending our event.

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