Imagyne That: Extra Credit Premiere This Saturday

“ Presents its first featured DVD Featuring Profiles on iMagyne Team Riders Lonnie Pearson,Pat Irwin and Tim Franken. This a milestone in iMagyne’s attempt to entertain and to bring forth solid skate videos without all of the eye candy. Our goal is to make you want to skate after this video so check it out this Saturday Sept. 19th 2009 at Tri-State Skateshop in Drop-in Skatepark. Also Check out the trailer hope you guys enjoy” – Joseph Perez.

Get all the info at the Imagyne That website and the flyer up top. Bring your skates and some cash to buy a DVD and session the park Saturday.

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5 Responses to “Imagyne That: Extra Credit Premiere This Saturday”

  1. Roll®BladeA Says:

    That photo looks like its an ad for the Mindgame Sum… nice

  2. that niggaa Says:

    goodd shiitt

  3. Mr. Toto Says:

    It looks like an old preview. Everything looks old, even the tricks.

  4. crutisjackson85 Says:

    yooo.. IMagyne Im really happy for you Im a let u finish but… SkepticMedia has one of the best teams of all times … Ima jerk I know lol

    but it looks cool I wanna check this video out GGGGGGGG-uint!

  5. Navin Hardyal Says:

    PhotoShoot from Navin Hardyal SkepticMedia™ on Vimeo.PhotoShoot We had on the 27th. Just a small re-cap of the Awesome Piece Louis Edgar and Joaquin did on the board.

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