An Afternoon with Mr Stephens and the Art of Rolling By: Evotek Media

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Evotek Media creates another top quality edit featuring Bronx, NY’s John Stephens. John was able to get a ton of clips in one day during his photo session with the Art of Rolling in the Bronx, and the guys over at Evotek were able to produce this short edit. “First and Foremost Rest In Peace to John’s Dad, “Hollywood”, who passed recently…This was filmed in the Bronx during Angelo’s Art of Rolling Magazine Photoshoot. Check out John on page 35 as well as Ramelle Knight’s interview and cover shot in Issue 4. Issue 5 is out now featuring Kelly Matthews, Joe Dedentro, Rawlingson Rivera, Ray Mendez, Ron Hunter & Jose Disla” – Evotek Media

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5 Responses to “An Afternoon with Mr Stephens and the Art of Rolling By: Evotek Media”

  1. Controlled Accidents Says:

    I need a BX tour! Spots are looking illllllingston. P star on the flat drop rail was redic. Stephens holdin it down. RESPECT!

  2. DaveNgo Says:

    Sick skating, where the fuck are all of these spots?

    I want to skate giant long curve rail nao.

  3. Roll®BladeA Says:

    All in the BX guys. I’ve said this a few yrs ago upon 1st skating the Bronx and it truly is the Cali to our East Coast.

  4. Jeffrey The Boss Child Mateo(search me up too) Says:

    Dead ass all those spots are hammer spots no joke

  5. malik ashby Says:

    G.K. allday

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