Angelo Ferrer Featured on Starbury TV


For those that may not know, Stephon Marbury, the NBA basketball player, has his own live webcam show where he documents his life 24/7 and puts it on the web. Coincidentally, Mr. Marbury happened to be in NYC Sunday renting bikes near the 44th street and 12th ave ledges where Angelo and Layla Ferrer were skating. “Me and Layla were on our way back from getting my new L Series 70-200 lens and when we stopped at perfect ledges to get a little skate session in some guy liked what I was doing on the ledge and asked if he could take a picture. He seemed really interested so i tried to throw down a few tricks on the ledge. Him and his family liked what they saw and he told me he would be right back. I didn’t think anything of it, I just continued to skate the ledge until he came back with a laptop and a web cam. We then figured out that he was no other than Stephon Marbury, the famous basketball player. He asked me what would I like to do to rep our sport on national TV? I decided to try something that I had failed to do so before, but was willing to attempt again” Angelo Ferrer. Read more from Angelo, see his landed gap, and the rest of the interview after the jump. Photo by Layla Ferrer.

“The tide was much lower and the current was rough so my landing was twice as hard as when I originally tried it. My first attempt I didn’t land and I thought I would not get it again but I tried anyway to rep the sport and finally landed it. It felt great to land it and it felt even better to get back and hear cheers and hear Stephon say “Ladies and Gentlemen! We have discovered a new sport! Those are the famous skates that did it and we will never let those skates die!” Since it was live, he had people call in and give comments. It was a great experience! I shouted out AOR and repped the I Roll NY tee while i skilled the trick!” – Angelo Ferrer.


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6 Responses to “Angelo Ferrer Featured on Starbury TV”

  1. Come On Says:

    What a shame that the few occasions rollerblading gets to be portrayed thru outlets like Starbury TV, its always end up being some dumb looking dude, doing stupid looking shit, which now unfortunately all the non rollerbladers watching this directly thru Starbury TV can’t help but to think that this is what rollerbladers do, and look like. No wonder we tend to get zero respect from the public, because majority of the time its rollerblading like this that the typical person with no knowledge of blading happens to come across.

  2. angeloferrer Says:

    lol yea too bad it wasnt you because then you would change the world of skating as we know it ,

  3. chris g Says:

    Yes, too bad when skating does get into the public eyes like this there’s going to be some stupid rollerblader within the industry hating on it. And plus that was hammer what are you talking about?

  4. oldskoolslow Says:

    Angelo- Great attempt under pressure bro, that’s a hard trick, you’re gonna freakin’ nail it one day.

    I couldn’t even land that w/o the gap 😀

  5. YES! Says:

    He’s right about the gap being a hammer, but damn that looked like shit…the capri’s dont help either!

  6. jesus(wash heights) Says:

    I think its cool that we get coverage I haven’t seen the video cause my phone can’t streem vids but through the story/summary it seems like angelo did pretty good he promoted his site AOR and irollny and rollerblading that’s good 3 birds with one stone angelo good shit on getting noticed n stuff ny bearly gets coverage and same for rollerblading

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