Art of Rolling Issue 5 Released! A History of Rollerblading in NYC! Special Art of Rolling X I Roll NY Discount Sale!

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OK, this post has a lot of information that everybody needs to know about so make sure to click on the “Read the rest of the entry” link below. This is truly an exciting time for New York. Our LRNY sessions are getting major online attention, The biggest skate competition in New York is one day away, and now Angelo Ferrer and Layla Quinones drop the Art of Rolling issue 5! The issue can be summed up in one word: Perfect. Bursting with content, Issue 5 is filled with amazing pictures, coverage, and interviews from everyone in New York to even outside New Yorker’s like Chris Haffey. “This issue is a special old school/new school issue featuring old school pros Joe Dedentro, Kelly “Buttaz” Matthews, Jose Disla, Rawlinson Rivera, Ron Hunter, and new school pros Franco Cammayo, Chris Haffey, also featuring exclusive coverage of the Lets Roll sessions in NYC, and the Allerton Summer Heat competition in the Bronx. Don’t miss this issue because it’s one of the best ones out there! View the issue online here” – Angelo Ferrer. The issue has also been released in a flash format, that does not require a download, making it a very easy and enjoyable read. Issue 5 also provides a literal history of the NYC rolling scene which Angelo explains after the jump. This is a definite must read.

“Rolling has been around for longer than many people know. From its rough beginnings with make-shift skates to nowadays with specialty skates, aggressive rolling has surely come a long way in such a short time. Nonetheless, it is important to know who the founders of skating are and what they are up to in order to bring the future together. When it boils down to it, skaters and our scene are merely products of what already was and what has already happened. Being that our sport is so new, we do not have a “textbook” informing people of the history of rolling. That, along with the progression of media and technology, has left a lot of the new school skaters in the dark. A lot of new comers, as well as some of the old ones, have not been exposed to the history of rolling. With knowledge of the past, skaters are then able to appreciate where the sport has traveled thus far, and are able to appreciate what rolling truly is. There is never a moment that should be forgotten or a person to go unknown. Back when rolling was in it’s infancy, everyone who had skates on their feet played a key role in the progression of skates, tricks and it’s scene. Does this sound familiar? This is the exact same way the scene functions nowadays: on the productivity of skaters themselves. Every skater still continues to play a key roll in skating and in the progression of the scene today. It is important to know who came before us because if we neglect to inform ourselves of the past, then people outside of skating will not be able to appreciate who we are. There are times where people tend to think that they’re better off than others and have done things that have never been done; but just like the tricks and trends of today, we are reflections of what was yesterday. Therefore, this issue of Art of Rolling Magazine is dedicated to the past and those who have paved the way for our skate culture” – Layla Ferrer.

Angelo and Layla have also created a line of shirts and wax for the Art of Rolling and have offered a special discount sale through the I Roll NY website. If you contact the Art of Rolling through this posting, you will get a discount on the exclusive AOR shirts and wax before they’re even available for sale.

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7 Responses to “Art of Rolling Issue 5 Released! A History of Rollerblading in NYC! Special Art of Rolling X I Roll NY Discount Sale!”

  1. nemo Says:

    I haven’t seen any good shots from angelo ferrer at all. And this guy has been shooting for years and the font and art on everything is plain wack!
    Use less fish eye and try shooting with 2 flashes then shots will come out better!

  2. Maximosis Says:

    Wow Nemo Thanks for the Constructive criticism but saying its plain wack was truly uncalled for.

  3. Maximosis Says:

    And instead of talking shit about People taking crap shots, WHy dont you grab your camera and contribute to your scene rather than bash it and do no good. Craig and Angelo are busting they ass with nothing to gain to get assholes like you exposure.

  4. *edwin Says:

    This is one of his best mag yet…I really enjoy reading about the oldschool scene.

  5. craigBlikestheD Says:

    i agree angelo is bustin his ass out there. and he is one of the most creative dudes you will ever meet and it shows in his photos.less hate. constructive criticism is cool but thats just hate. IMO.


  6. angeloferrer Says:

    You can check out NEW Art of Rolling T-Shirts at .

    Hit us up if you want to reserve one for tomorrow!

  7. buttaz Says:

    im excited about the nyc scene and the recognition angelo and layla are bringing the east coast! the mag is fantastic and if u skate the sessions, u may just be lucky enough to be featured in it…good luck!-buttaz

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