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Tom Lipani Photo Updates and Past Sections

August 26, 2009

BS royale through the kink (click to enlarge)

One of Queens, NY’s finest Tom Lipani sent some photos to I Roll NY from his current residence in Florida. Tom has been a major contributor to the NYC scene creating east coast based videos such as Distinction and his latest project, An Elite Few. “Whats up keds it’s Tom LiPani. I know you haven’t heard from me in a while just been working a lot and trying to skate as much as possible. I was in NYC for the 4th of July and did a lot of chillen/skating/filming. As for the Florida scene its hard to skate out here because I only have a few peeps to roll with such as Wade Haas, one of the stars of my latest film “An Elite Few” and Chad Petroski, a new cat in the scene learning the ways of the roll. There aren’t too many spots out here but the spots that we do have are pretty fucking sick. Here are a few pics of me doing the damn thang. I’m working on getting my ass back to NYC asap. Expect an online profile from me soon!” Tom Lipani. Check out Tom’s pics and previous sections after the jump.


Underestimated Now Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch

August 25, 2009

“Underestimated is truly one of the best East Coast videos and team videos of all time. It was great for it’s time and even great to watch now. It’s still one of the few videos that I can constantly watch over and over again and still get hyped to go and skate.” Now that Denial’s Underestimated is available for mobile download you can now watch your favorite past and present skaters wherever you are. Download each section seperately in .m4v format here for iPhone and iPod Touch. Don’t have an iPhone? Check the full video online here. Thanks to Chris Majette for the upload.

Lets Roll NY Session Seven Announced! Happening Tomorrow!

August 25, 2009


This week’s LRNY session will take place tomorrow at 5:00PM in Staten Island, NY at the boardwalk ledges located downhill from where the ferry will leave you. If you’re unfamiliar with the ferry location and schedule, check out the Staten Island South Ferry information and schedule here.There are plenty of trains that will leave you in walking distance from the Staten Island Ferry location in Manhattan. You can take the R and W train to Whitehall street, the 1 and 9 train to South Ferry, the 4 and 5 train to Bowling Green, and the J, M, and Z train to Broad Street. After getting off the Ferry, walk down the Viaduct to Richmond Terrace. Head right on Richmond Terrace until you hit the stadium and then go down hill until you hit the boardwalk (Walking directions here.) No word on what the second spot will be but most likely it will be the Stadium or somewhere near by. The session starts at 5 and we will be waiting until 6:30 for late arrivals to the first spot so make sure to be on time.

Spring ’09 Edit By: Skeptic Media

August 24, 2009

As usual Navin Hardyal and the Skeptic Media crew create another great edit from our city featuring the Skeptic team and local skaters shredding the Throgs Neck Skatepark in the Bronx, NY and other spots around the NYC area. The edit features Kevin Cintron, Joaquin Fletcher, Damian Michalski, Yannes Sootes, Will Torres, Edgar Rivera, Austin Croteau, Greg Sturino, Andy Grant, Ricky Ramos, Nelso Mercado, and Jose Henriquez. Filmed and edited by Navin Hardyal this edit definitely displays the talent that the Skeptic Media team and NYC skaters have.


Jon Ortiz at Woodward East

August 24, 2009

Click to enlarge

NYC’s legendary skater, Jon Ortiz, spent some time at Woodward East during the Denial Clothing week. You can still catch Jon skating around our area if you’re lucky, but if you haven’t, check out the pics provided by Matt Mickey and the Intuition Skate Shop. “I was out at Woodward East, skating for a few days with Richie Velasquez, The Denial Team, and 70+ inline campers. Saturday, August 15th I announced for the AIL+Denial $300 Best Trick contests, which were both dominated by the young 12 year old Wake Schepman from PA. Ron Hunter even showed up with his wife and two kids, and strapped on his rollerblades and cruised the Lot 8 course, proving that sometimes it’s necessary to be legendary” – Matt Mickey. Thanks Matt for the pics and make sure to check Intuition’s site. Two more photos of Jon after the jump.

Justin Brasco Short Edit By: Sean Grossman

August 23, 2009

This edit is originally titled, “LI COW 1” but unfortunately no other Long Island clips of the week followed after this one. Which is a shame because based on I Roll NY’s latest photographs by Glenn Jersey, Long Island seems to have an amazing scene. This edit features Justin Brasco, one of the most stylish skaters from New York murdering a picnic table (hence the picnic table screen cap). Every trick is smooth and done effortlessly. His 270 inspin topsoul must have been photoshopped or something cause it looks way too good. Check the edit above to see what I mean. Filmed and edited by Sean Grossman.

Sorry for the late update, finally got some skating in today. Check the I Roll NY twitter to see some mobile uploads from today

Lets Roll NY Session Five Photos By: Jeremy Stephenson

August 22, 2009

Group photo (Click to enlarge)

Jeremy Stephenson aka Jero has been staying in our city for a few months now and has been joining in on our last few Lets Roll NY Sessions. Known to take amazing photographs for Be-Mag magazine, Jero has graced our city with his talent and captured an amazing set from LRNY’s fifth session at Coleman skatepark. Check out all of his photos after the jump including Jesus Medina’s gap disaster soul, Robert Monegro’s misty flip, and some of the most stylish photos of Franco Cammayo and John Stephens. Thanks to Jero for his work and allowing his photos to be posted on I Roll NY.

Long Island Photos By: Glenn Jersey

August 21, 2009

Bobby Reichel – BS Royale to BS royale to drop in Photo: Glenn Jersey (Click to enlarge)

Glenn Jersey is a great photographer out of Long Island, NY who’s stepping up and representing his part of New York. About a week ago Glenn sent an email asking why there wasn’t much coverage of Long Island on I Roll NY and I simply answered, no one from LI submitted any content yet. Taking the opportunity that was presented into his own hands, Glenn sent me some amazing pictures all out of the Long Island area showcasing their local spots and talented bladers. Check out Glenn’s sick photos featuring Joey G, Dan Bradham, and Neil Diskin after the jump. I want to say thanks to Glenn for taking advantage of what I Roll NY has to offer. I hope more people follow his lead and i’m sure we’ll see more work from Glenn in the future.

NYC Edit By: Christian Delfino

August 20, 2009

Christian Delfino spent some time in our city earlier this year and put out his footage from his stay recently. Most of the skating takes place in the Lower East Side area of Manhattan featuring the Brooklyn Banks and other spots along the way. “Me, and 3 skateboarding buddies drove up to NYC from Sarasota, Florida. Spent about 10 days in Harlem on 147th and St. Nicks” – Christian Delfino. To see some of Christian’s photography work, check out his site here.

Dipskate’s Newest Member: Rafael Herrera

August 20, 2009

Bronx, NY’s Rafael Herrera has recently been added to the Dipskate roster. It’s a great pick up that’s well deserved. Ralphy’s been killing the NYC scene and is always improving and progressing and I’m sure he’ll add his skills to the team. “Mr. Herrera has been holding it down for NYC since I started so I felt it was only right to add him to the team. He is a great skater to all of us and great friend to me. I know this power move will help Dipskate push forward in the near future. Once Again, Congrats to Rafael Herrera and I am so proud to have him on my team” – Ramelle Knight.