James Macay Photos By: Cesar Macay

james 3top
James Macay – 360 Topsoul. Photo: Cesar Macay.

Coming out of Queens, NY Cesar Macay features photos of his younger brother James. If you don’t know James Macay by now, he’s the 11 year-old (that’s right eleven!) that’s doing the same tricks and switch ups it took you years to do. James always manages to grab the attention of the audience during our various NYC contests and the pictures featured today show why. At the young age of eleven, James has already been skating for five years. A bench mark that most skaters don’t reach till their late teen years. Check out James’ photos after the jump.

AO Fish

james farv
Front Farf

top porn

Top Porn

Thanks to Cesar for the photos.

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6 Responses to “James Macay Photos By: Cesar Macay”

  1. bballog Says:

    Once again everything in the center is boring. work on your http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Composition_(visual_arts) just giving some constructive crit

  2. Pericles Says:

    Thats Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SupermanWill Says:

    Wow…11…. I’m 22. Lol. But then again he has been skating 3 and half years longer than me. Lol.

  4. malik ashby Says:

    I love cesar’s pics
    he’s the besttttttttt
    and james hypes me with good advice when we skate deadass 11yrs old with the mind of a 30 yr old

    and bballog w.e. ur name is you sucking cesar off with ur lane comments if you don’t have anything nice to say just shut the fuck up

  5. angelof Says:

    Aww czar wish I coulda had those for our issues . James has od skills I reamber first time I met him he gaped off a parks dept roof like 14 ft high foward n laced first shot. He’s jus sikk wit it

  6. Esteban ''Supreme'' Gonzalez Says:

    Yoo cuz dope pics!!!

    bballog your gay, just shut the fuck up

    james is killing it and the pics his talents at his best

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