Sean Ashby Spring ’09 Edit


Sean Ashby continues to represent his part of our city, Queens, with his constant filming of the local skaters and the local spots in his area. This time Sean’s latest edit features himself in an online section skating all over the Queens area and Manhattan area. There’s a ton of sick tricks on a lot of different of spots in NYC. Check it out up top.


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5 Responses to “Sean Ashby Spring ’09 Edit”

  1. malik ashby Says:

    sean is nice and he’s my cousin

    good shit sean

  2. E S A meng Says:

    BUMP mah nigguh Sean Ashby. 718 queensbulllly rego 139th LBH JIMMYS’ prail WADUPPPPPPPPPP. rep rep set seT lil nigguhs

  3. John Tkaczuk Says:

    Solid skating.

  4. sean ashby Says:


  5. jsherp Says:

    i knew sean was a little black

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