Lets Roll NY Session Seven Announced! Happening Tomorrow!


This week’s LRNY session will take place tomorrow at 5:00PM in Staten Island, NY at the boardwalk ledges located downhill from where the ferry will leave you. If you’re unfamiliar with the ferry location and schedule, check out the Staten Island South Ferry information and schedule here.There are plenty of trains that will leave you in walking distance from the Staten Island Ferry location in Manhattan. You can take the R and W train to Whitehall street, the 1 and 9 train to South Ferry, the 4 and 5 train to Bowling Green, and the J, M, and Z train to Broad Street. After getting off the Ferry, walk down the Viaduct to Richmond Terrace. Head right on Richmond Terrace until you hit the stadium and then go down hill until you hit the boardwalk (Walking directions here.) No word on what the second spot will be but most likely it will be the Stadium or somewhere near by. The session starts at 5 and we will be waiting until 6:30 for late arrivals to the first spot so make sure to be on time.

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5 Responses to “Lets Roll NY Session Seven Announced! Happening Tomorrow!”

  1. Kyle Sola Says:

    i get out of work at 5, be there soon after.

  2. Damian pockets Says:

    Yesss! So close 🙂

  3. demitrious george Says:

    oh yes, damian will be there. i need to get him flow on usd, he is the best that nyc has to offer(besides fish)

  4. Austin Croteau. Says:


  5. crazy cozmik Says:

    lmao at the fake demitrious george…but yea austin is right dat shit is type corny

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