Jon Ortiz at Woodward East

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NYC’s legendary skater, Jon Ortiz, spent some time at Woodward East during the Denial Clothing week. You can still catch Jon skating around our area if you’re lucky, but if you haven’t, check out the pics provided by Matt Mickey and the Intuition Skate Shop. “I was out at Woodward East, skating for a few days with Richie Velasquez, The Denial Team, and 70+ inline campers. Saturday, August 15th I announced for the AIL+Denial $300 Best Trick contests, which were both dominated by the young 12 year old Wake Schepman from PA. Ron Hunter even showed up with his wife and two kids, and strapped on his rollerblades and cruised the Lot 8 course, proving that sometimes it’s necessary to be legendary” – Matt Mickey. Thanks Matt for the pics and make sure to check Intuition’s site. Two more photos of Jon after the jump.

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2 Responses to “Jon Ortiz at Woodward East”

  1. r.i. Says:

    For those who don’t know Ron Hunter=NYC O.G. and Harold Hunter’s brother who is the one who gets beaten down with a skateboard by Harold in that movie Kids.

  2. Tesreau Says:

    Thank you for the valuable data!!! i wish you good luck

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