Long Island Photos By: Glenn Jersey

Bobby Reichel – BS Royale to BS royale to drop in Photo: Glenn Jersey (Click to enlarge)

Glenn Jersey is a great photographer out of Long Island, NY who’s stepping up and representing his part of New York. About a week ago Glenn sent an email asking why there wasn’t much coverage of Long Island on I Roll NY and I simply answered, no one from LI submitted any content yet. Taking the opportunity that was presented into his own hands, Glenn sent me some amazing pictures all out of the Long Island area showcasing their local spots and talented bladers. Check out Glenn’s sick photos featuring Joey G, Dan Bradham, and Neil Diskin after the jump. I want to say thanks to Glenn for taking advantage of what I Roll NY has to offer. I hope more people follow his lead and i’m sure we’ll see more work from Glenn in the future.

Dan Bradham – Royal Across and Down. Malvern High School, Long Island.

Neil Diskin – Invert to forward. Long Beach Skate Park, Long Island.

Joey G – 180 though the staircase. Dickinson Avenue Elementary. Northport, Long Island.

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2 Responses to “Long Island Photos By: Glenn Jersey”

  1. loso Says:

    Sick pics

  2. Davengo Says:

    these are some of the best skating photos I’ve ever seen.

    keep up the good work i wanna see more from you.

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