Behind The Scenes with Christen Cofer: Adonis Taylor NYU Gap

Today I Roll NY features the third and final installment (for now) of the series, “Behind The Scenes,” by Christen Cofer. For those that don’t know Chris, he is Evotek’s main camera man and is always behind a camera capturing what’s going on during our city’s sessions. Chris’ third installment features Evotek’s Adonis Taylor gapping a stair set-sidewalk combo at one of the New York Universty campuses. This short edit gives you a great inside look at how Ado and the crew prepared for the gap, dealt with security, and the end result of the trick. “We came across this gap while wandering the city looking for stuff to film/skate. About 15 minutes into us planning the gap we got spotted by security who pretty much told us we had one try. Ado plans on going back to this spot sometime in the near future” – Christen Cofer. Click here for the second installment. Click here for the first.

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4 Responses to “Behind The Scenes with Christen Cofer: Adonis Taylor NYU Gap”

  1. james p Says:

    haha drews a jerk he said use walky talkies!

  2. DaveNgo Says:

    I got next.

  3. JLyn Says:

    I used to work @ a popular bar a couple blocks from NYU and I know a few good spots but u gotta hit em all at nite. I’d be glad to show u around. O and I give Adonis full props cuz that shit aint small by any means. But i mite try it tho. Get at me if u wanna film it mr. cofer

  4. chris cofer Says:

    lets do it.

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