Create Originals Pro Team Preview

Create Originals has snuck in a quick update about the company via their facebook page saying, “new press release coming soon. it will have the pro-team announcement and expected release date!!!” I got in contact with Billy O’Neil, one owner of Create Originals, via text message and was lucky enough to get a more official statement. “…well for now I can say that we’ve finally come to a decision on our pro team, however we’re going to wait a bit longer to announce it. The site [] is now up and running and our first ad came out in Roller Warehouse. We’re looking forward to a good year and we appreciate everyone in NYC showing their enthusiam” – Billy O’Neil. While talking to Fish I also got the scoop that the team should be officially announced in about a week so stay tuned. Thanks to Billy for getting in touch with I Roll NY.


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2 Responses to “Create Originals Pro Team Preview”

  1. ado Says:

    owwwww, iiiiii Can’t Wait, I can wait….

  2. Flaco Says:

    oooo yes im getting them a.s.a.p

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