Lets Roll NY Second Session Photos by: Christen Cofer

The Dipskate team joins the session.

Christen Cofer of Evotek Media sent me his photos from NYC’s big hit “Lets Roll NY” second session in Harlem. Christen snagged a more intimate, united and personality based set of photos. The photos provide a closer look into the session and some of the events that went down in the background amidst all the skating that took place last week. Check more of Christen photos after the jump.

Showing up from near and far


The host with the most Victor Callender

Remember kids, always stretch!

Jlyn and friend greeting each other

One of the funniest kids you’ll meet, Malik

Newest Queens, NY resident Ado with Bronx, NY’s Ramelle

Mel and John

Max aka Mr. Miszou

Coming from his Flatline Comp win, Jose

Ariel, chilling

From west coast to east coast, Julian Bah and Ariel caught joking

Caught skating one of the random spots while travelling to the next spot

Thanks to Chris for the set.

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  1. Malikashby Says:

    good times

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