Denial Team Video: Underestimated

Underestimated is truly one of the best East Coast videos and team videos of all time. It was great for it’s time and even great to watch now. It’s still one of the few videos that I can constantly watch over and over again and still get hyped to go and skate. The Denial team video includes spots all over the east coast including Philadelphia and New York City of course with all of your modern day East and West Coast heroes including, Will Gordon, Chris Cheshire, Walt Austin, Mike Elias, Jimmy Shuda, Adam Killgore, Tim Taylor, Chris Farmer, Colin Kelso, Sean Kelso, Rob Thompson, and New York City’s own Dustin Hallerin. I wanted to feature Underestimated on I Roll NY not only because of the fact that it is a great video but it also features some of the greatest tricks done in our local Spots. Chris Farmer and Rob Thompson absolutely murder the John Bowne rails in Queens, NY and at 3:33 into the video Chris Farmer kills the Stuyvacent Rail in Manhattan, NY with a 360 inspin soul. As well, Dustin Hallerin represents and laces everything imaginable at every spots he skates. Check the full video above. Filmed and edited by Chris Majette.


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