I Roll NY Exclusive: Austin Paz Valo and Create Originals Setup

Staying on top of the Create Original updates, I stumbled upon these pictures posted up by Austin Paz himself of his current setup. The setup includes the new Cool Snake Valos, Trust liners and a custom Create Originals frame graphic. Check the mini review that Austin wrote. “By far the best looking Valo skate ever made. The new Trust Liners are mad comfy. My old ones I probably only had for about 6 months but didn’t rip and worked fine in my Valos with the toes cut…I started riding the Create Original Frames a few months ago and can honestly say they’re the best frames I ever skated. They skate just as good as you can imagine the perfect frame being, but the customization possibilities make them that much better. I recently printed out a few of my own designs on regular photo paper and I’m more juiced on them than anything. This pic shows you can make your frames match any skate” – Austin Paz.


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3 Responses to “I Roll NY Exclusive: Austin Paz Valo and Create Originals Setup”

  1. ROLLHYPE Says:

    Damn, those are so ill! -B

  2. ROLLHYPE Says:

    Posted to ROLLHYPE… -B



    […] out Austin Paz’s Valo X Create Originals set-up (above, as posted to IROLLNY), plus IROLLNY’s Create Originals Mock-up […]

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