Deadly Drop-In Session by: Skeptic Media

Navin Hardyal and the Skeptic Media crew are always traveling around the New York area getting footage and providing us with some of the sickest edits we’ve seen. While filming on location at Drop-In Skatepark, home of Tri-State skateshop in Hillburn, NY one of the wheels of Navin’s car basically came off. “…we got on the highway, stopped for gas, and accidentally got on the north bound I-87 instead of South. The closest exit was 20 miles away so we had to wait to turn around. After a long 20 miles, Shallif goes to make a U-Turn and the passanger side wheel pops out during the U-Turn leaving us stranded somewhere 80 miles from New York City…” – Skeptic Media. To read more of the story check out the Skeptic Media site. Check the edit above to see some footage of Skeptic Media rider, Kevin Cintron, and some footage of the aftermath of the accident.



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