Brooklyn, NY Edit

This edit is actually dubbed the “unedited edit” and for good reason. Instead of using a bunch of filters and flavor of the month music, Drew Humphrey and Damian Michalski put together some quality footage with a classic song to fill the background. This is a relaxed and chill edit that was filmed over the winter but was slept on. Skaters include, Damian Michalski, Drew Humphrey, Omar and Vincent. “This is not a serious edit, just threw all the clips down and picked a random song and thought it went well” – Damian Michalski. Song is No Doubt – Don’t Speak.

Sorry about the late entry today. Finally got some skating in.


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One Response to “Brooklyn, NY Edit”

  1. chriscofer Says:

    i like it..gotta appreciate it for what it is…good work guys good to see ppl looking like they are having fun.

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