I Roll NY Interviews Adrien Anne

When someone in the rollerblading industry comes to New York City it’s usually kept under wraps and on a need to know basis. Fortunately enough for myself I had a heads up from The Conference’s very own Oli Benet letting me know that the French Kizer Pro, Adrien Anne, was coming to our city to visit. Adrien has gotten a lot of recognition and press lately which is well deserved and the release of his new Kizer frame has put him on top of the game. Today I Roll NY presents our interview with Adrien Anne where we get his POV on the New York and French skating scene, details on his Kizer frame and the other products he’s working on along with many other topics. All photos taken by Drew Humphrey. Thanks to Adrien, Oli, Fish, and Drew for helping me put the interview together. Read the Adrien Anne Interview here.

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One Response to “I Roll NY Interviews Adrien Anne”

  1. BEN MURPHY Says:

    Great Interview! As always, nice job and great design/layout; posted to BENMURPHYONLINE… -B


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