Conference TV Billy O’Neil Edit

      HD version here

Check the latest edit of Billy “Fish” O’Neil since his car accident. Fish recently made the move from Staten Island over to Brooklyn, NY where you can see him skating some of the local Brooklyn spots along with downtown Manhattan, NY spots. “I spent a week with Billy O’Neil to grab some footage for CTV. This is the firsts video since his accident which was over a year ago, he is still not 100% but as you can see…. he is coming back hard!” – Conference TV. Filmed by Matty Watky and Austin Paz.


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5 Responses to “Conference TV Billy O’Neil Edit”

  1. TrueFishNYC Says:

    The reason I skate.

  2. jimmy Says:

    I think blilly is a good example for the love at this sport i saw this guy on Montréal Classic 2007 and is fucking funny ! Sorry for my english but im very happy for this guy i was amazing !

  3. dede Says:

    never not posting? hahaha

  4. DaveNgo Says:

    Good job updating the site everyday not.

  5. keloke Says:


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