John Stephens Online Edit by: Evotek Media Group

      HD version here

The guys over at Evotek Media Group created another great edit featuring Bronx, NY’s very own John Stephens. You can see John rocking the new Rollerblade Solo’s in these clips and he kills it with his wall ride to topsoul line. If you’re feeling the music you can thank owner Craig Benabu. “I filmed this a few weeks ago with John over in the Bronx around the Yankee stadium area. It was John’s first day out skating with the RB solo’s. Angelo Ferrer came through and took some pics which are on John’s Myspace page as well as Angelo’s website.” – Chris Cofer (Evotek Media

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5 Responses to “John Stephens Online Edit by: Evotek Media Group”

  1. Maximosis Says:

    John is alwasy Wrecking shit.. SO glad to be skating again and hanging with my peoples this is going to be a great SUmmer.

  2. angelo Says:

  3. chriscofer Says:

    yes…i forgot to thank craig for his awesome music choice..thank you are a god among ants..

  4. shaq Says:

    Thats 161st buy my home wish i couldve been there 2 watch the edit fuk!!

  5. joe Says:

    yo john stephens is ass, he dress better than he skates, he looks pro up untill he actual skates something.

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